Monday, October 23, 2023

What's for Sale this Holiday Season!

It's holiday shopping time, which for me means it's almost my birthday... and that is when I finally get to discover what my partner bought for me at the Gibson's Public Art Gallery a few months ago!!! Woohooooo!!! I love supporting other artists, and I love when people support them in my honour. 🧡 So increasingly I'm realizing that my art is also a commodity, and of course I love to be supported in what I do! 

People ask me what's for sale. Well... pretty much everything's "for sale", except my soul -- hahaha! But maybe you'd like a list of what's popular. I happily oblige. Here's a selection of things of various prices, to hopefully inspire your gift-giving, or just to fill your own home with some love and thought-provoking interest.

To Purchase: Please contact me at emilyvanartist at gmail dot com to arrange for e-transfer (or cash) and pick up or shipping! Of course, if you'd like to visit the studio and see these works in person before purchasing, that's always an option. Email me to arrange!

Forests - these are so fresh that you can't pick up until late November, when the paint's cured, and they're finished their residence at the Hearth Gallery, on Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island. They're also so popular that one of them sold before I finished it (yikes--scary for me as an artist, but also super exciting, as I finished it specifically for the person who bought it!)

Left: "Cedars Dancing in the Autumn", 12x36 inches, $632 CAD
Right: Licorice Ferns Embracing Cooler Weather", 12x36 inches, $632 CAD

"Late September Catching Wind off the Sea"
18x72 inches, $1496 CAD

Each of these is 4x12 inches; $248 CAD
Titles, left to right: "Cedars in September", "Licorice Ferns in September", "Dancing Trees", "Licorice Ferns on Fallen Maple".

Change/Able - these are rearrangeable paintings. The concept is that you can change the art on your walls whenever you like; rearrange, reconfigure, or just turn a piece. Make your own art from a set of hand-painted unique tiles. It's like psychological growth: nobody else is working with the exact set of experiences we are as individuals, and we can experiment and direct our own growth, every day. The smallest ones come on a panel so they're very easy to hang (like a regular wired painting), but the larger ones come with hanging instructions, so you can blend them gorgeously with your own wall. 

"Wash Away the Rain", 7 canvases 4x12 inches each, $760 CAD

"Devil's Dream", 13 canvases, 3x3 inches each, $317 CAD

"Fingal's Cave", 13 canvases, 3x3 inches each, $317 CAD

"Invasive Family Tree", 24 canvases, 6x6 inches each, $1640 CAD

"Mayflies", 9 canvases, 4x4 inches each, $488 CAD

"The Instability of Memory", 16 canvases, 10x10 inches each, $2440 CAD

"A Universe Inside Me", 18 canvases, 4x4 inches each, mounted on panel 30x24 inches, $776 CAD

Abstracts - some of these are painted to a particular song, the lyrics of which inform the title. These are my visual/emotional interpretation of the stories in the songs. Others are my interpretation of a feeling.

"Tree of Life 2", 15x30 inches, $650 CAD

"Blue 1: A Meditation on Phosphorescence", 30x24 inches, $920 CAD

"Do You See Me? (Does Anyone Care?)", 16x40 inches, $952 CAD

"Green 1: A Meditation on Phosphorescence", 36x24 inches, $1064 CAD

"Keep Your Eyes Open, Mama; We're Almost Home", 16x20 inches, $520 CAD

"Sit With Me and Watch the Sun Yellow Behind the Smoke", 4x12 inches, $248 CAD

"Drink Before the War", 20x24 inches, $680 CAD

"Sun Setting on the Avenue 2", three canvases, 4x12 inches each, $344 CAD

"Up Behind and Away Again", 3 canvases, 12x24 inches each, $1280 CAD

Vegetation - all oil on canvas. I don't paint these much anymore, but sometimes I just need a little joy!

"Thank You for Sheltering Me 3", 36x48 inches, $1928 CAD

"Spring Came Early and Surprised the Bluebells 4", 36x24 inches, $1064 CAD

"Cherry Blossoms 1, 2, 3", 3 canvases, 15x30 inches each, $1550 CAD

"You Opened Your Eyes Like the Morning", 20x24 inches, $680 CAD
"It Was in the Time of Dancing Leaves that You Were Born", 24x24 inches, $776 CAD

Portrait Commissions - hire me to create a graphite, oil or acrylic portrait of you or your loved one. Having a portrait painted is an experience as much as an outcome. Price includes a photo-shoot with me: You get some photos, and I get to know the subjects I'm working with, which makes the portrait much more accurate and meaningful. Pricing ranges from about $500 to $1000, depending on size and photoshoot.

All of the following images are privately owned. None are for sale!


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