Monday, October 23, 2023

w h a t . h o m e coming to Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island November 10

I'm SO excited to finally be installing this immersive show in the community where it began. The first person to volunteer was my father. The next was my brother, and from there my video documentation of people talking about their experiences of home, belonging, and community spread into the wider community, and eventually to the mainland and Vancouver Island. What a massive learning process this was for me!! Not only the technical side of developing ways to intersect stories and landscapes by film, projection, and fabric, but learning to ask questions that promote the sharing of stories we don't often tell. I made many friends while interviewing for this work. And in an extreme stroke of luck I got to develop and exhibit the first iteration of it in Amsterdam! Which was odd, since all of the protagonists of the work are living in Western Canada. But the Dutch audience responded with passion, causing me to realize that it doesn't really matter where we live; feelings of belonging and community are essential to humanness. 

So here comes  w h a t . h o m e  to Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island!! It's opening on my birthday, so I'm making some wild (local) needle teas and cookies to share. I hope you'll come. 

Lots of further links and info about this show are on the  w h a t . h o m e  page, but here's the essential info:

w h a t . h o m e

The importance of place, community and belonging in our increasingly globalized world

The Hearth Gallery
430 Bowen Island Trunk Rd.
Bowen Island, BC
(a 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver, and a 1- to 2-minute walk from the dock)

Nov 10 – Nov 25, 2023
Wednesdays – Mondays, 11am-5pm

Evenings for this show only:
5-8pm, Nov. 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25th

Opening event: November 10, 6-8pm
Oh yeah... and those forest paintings from the next post below will be on display during this show, as well. 😊

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