Monday, July 27, 2020

Work in Progress for August Showing... and Enormous Gratitude for My Partner

Well, it's been an interesting few months. Due to the covid-induced cancellation of my main source of income (the Wild Art program), I've been producing explorative wilderness videos and farming, which has taken most of my time. It's hugely rewarding, but a little sad to feel so disconnected from my art practice.

Of course I'm still producing pieces -- all of them part of the Songs of the Apocalypse series. And three of these pieces will be in an upcoming show at the Hearth Gallery on Bowen Island. The show is an invitation-only exhibit called Surfacing, and will open August 15th and closes September 15th.

Here's a sneak peek at the sculptural piece I'm including:
Trauma Cocoon: Notes to Selves
I'll let you mull the title, for now. It's participatory. :-)

Mostly I would like to point out that gorgeous man in the photo. That's Markus. I couldn't do anything I do without his support. He's too shy to allow me to credit him for his work, but he pretty much helps with every large sculpture or installation I create. He does the grunt-work, he helps with engineering, and he holds up my heart when I'm discouraged. Sometimes he just looks after the house while I'm in my studio, and appears at the door with a hug and some dinner. I live with inflammatory auto-immune issues, and this week I'm having the worst flare-up of my life. I've been unable to do almost any of this construction, so I sat on the driveway and directed while Markus built. I literally could not have built this on my own, and I owe so much to him. Thank you, my love.

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