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 The core of the Woman Story installation is a series of 24 paintings on reclaimed panelling, in a room that is filled with hanging comments written by women. These notes are being added to by gallery visitors, so the space changes overtime, and the myriad of views and perspectives changes, as well. The installation includes some other pieces (see bottom of the page) for contemplation and exploration. However, the art, as I see it, is in the minds and experiences of the viewers. The installation is different for everyone, since we all come to it with our own history and experiences, and will read and contribute to the work in our own unique ways.

Woman Story Untitled Figures
Mixed media on reclaimed panelling. Approximately life-size.
This is just a handful of the 24 panels included in the installation.



Woman Story Participatory Notes on Womanhood
Notes were left anonymously and hung up throughout the gallery on threads, so that the open space became much more obvious - almost viscous - and gave depth and perspective to thoughts and perceptions of the work, as well as literal space for contemplating the thoughts of others, and an increased awareness of viewers' bodies and movements. The notes flutter in response to movements in the room. This is a way to activate both the air in the room and the participation of visitors to the gallery.


Support Garment
Reclaimed wedding gown, altered and painted by the artist.

Emily van Lidth de Jeude wearing Support Garment and a Lovely Bush (see below):
Support Garment was in the original installation of Woman Story but is part of the (dis)robe series of altered gowns.


Lovely Bush: Aesthetic Prosthetics for the Aspiring Woman
Made of reclaimed wigs and new undergarments, these display garments will not hold up to extended wear.

I Love Me I Love Me Not I Love Me

Silent video projection (13 minutes) of the artist, dressed in a wedding gown, pulling petals from a daisy in a bouquet, then pulling the whole flowers out, as she becomes demoralized. Eventually she pulls the whole bouquet apart to find a pair of scissors inside. She uses the scissors to cut the gown off of herself, exposing a flesh-tone bodysuit. She takes this off, as well, exposing her own body, upon which are written the words NOT GOOD ENOUGH. After some consideration, she gets a bucket of water and washes the words off. More joyfully, then, she bathes the rest of herself, weaves one of the broken daisies into her hair, pulls the cut wedding gown back on, and laughs.


Self Measure
A wonderful pink measuring-up tape for women of all ages. As you read the tape, be sure to turn it over for another option!


Buy the Woman Story book on Blurb:

Woman Story by Emily van Lidth de Jeude



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