gallery: Trauma Cocoon

The Trauma Cocoon is an interactive sculpture that came out of the Songs of the Apocalypse Series. Built from cedar boards and cedar branches and enrobed with vines and living plants, it acts as a natural cocoon, and includes a natural log seat for visitors. The sculpture asks visitors to write notes to their former selves during a time of trauma, and hang them inside the cocoon. At first the cocoon is living and vibrant, all enrobed with green plants, but over the time of exhibition, as the walls fill with notes, the upper leaves die back, exposing a cocoon that is less of a shelter and more of a statement of intentional self-love.

The Trauma Cocoon has been exhibited once, at the Hearth Gallery on Bowen Island, in 2020 and is now available for purchase and/or exhibit.



Trauma Cocoon Release

During a filmed performance, Emily read aloud each of the Trauma Cocoon's heartfelt "notes to selves" and then burned it. It was a closing ceremony for the healing space, and for all the feelings that were experienced, there.

This online event was hosted by the Hearth Gallery, live on YouTube and Facebook Live, October 16, 2020. Emily then gave a very short talk about the significance of the project just after the video performance ended, and answered questions on Facebook Live.