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I've been working with exploration and the idea of changeability for a long time, both in my work as a leader of art and wilderness programs, as well as in my visual art. We live in an increasingly unstable climate (socially, too!), and we're going to have to adapt if we want to survive the coming changes. I think that having a flexible mind - an ability to see from diverse perspectives and to find creative solutions - will be essential for all of us in the coming decades.

change/able is an installation of many layers, and many alternatives. The core series of work consists of multi-canvas pieces, easily hung and rearranged into many different configurations, displayed in a changeable environment with a layered soundscape by artist Bevan Bartlett. The idea is to facilitate play and exploration not only with visual art but with our preconceived ideas about outcome, pattern, and the possibility of change. This page shows only a handful of the change/able pieces, but many more are available. First exhibit was September 18 to October 19, 2019 at the Gallery @ Cove Commons on Bowen Island.

*Why the slash in the word? Because we're ABLE! The idea here is empowerment. That's the only way we can make positive change. And because even with the word changeable, there are various options for interpretation.

change/able: Love is Everything
53 canvases, each 6x6 inches. This is the only change/able piece that will be sold as individual pieces.


Building Blocks: What Would You Like the Adults in Your Life to Know and Respect About You?
8 plastic storage cubes containing drawings of 12 children. Real-world children have contributed their answers to the question in the title, and those answers are included in the piece. The rearrangeable sculpture is displayed with a stack of paper and pencils for visiting children to write their own answers. First image is the work in progress. The drawings are sewn onto the inside of the storage cubes using dental floss.



change/able: Game Of Life
acrylic, graphite and coloured pencil. 18 wood panels, each 8x8 inches.
Can be arranged as two 9x9 inch diamonds or combined as below.

change/able: Requiem/Renewal
acrylic, oil, graphite and human hair. 27 canvases, each 8x8 inches.


change/able: Red
26 canvases, each 12x12 inches.


change/able: All the Love I Wanted to Give You
20 canvases, each 12x12 inches.


change/able: Guest Feedback
A box of blank change/able cards upon which guests commented:

Selection of comments from Gallery @ Cove Commons, Bowen Island, Sept-October 2019

What beautiful vulnerability this community has shared. ♥ Listen, love and be who you are! Amazing work. --Nikki

What a great idea for an interactive show. Sharing, learning, having fun. --Kaya

Thank you for engaging us as the audience so thoughtfully and thoroughly in your art. --Melinda

What a fabulous show, thought-provoking, colourful, engaging and interactive. Thank you!

So vibrant and moving. Thx :-)

Don’t like the Human Hair or body parts; love the rest. Lots of fun.

I accidentally came in when the school kids were doing their own exhibition – so fascinating to see how they had respect but also no fear to touch and exchange a canvas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as inviting to children to engage + participate in art! Great! --D.

Love the hair and shaped canvas ones especially. Great soundscape. --Lidia

Fun, fanciful and makes me happy!

Every move gives you a different feeling!

Amazing, you can play, endless sence of fun. All things will fit somehow… --Eedlin (?)

Speechless with so much gratitude and wisdom to witness the messages that the wisdom carries within the platform you offer to interact and be curious. --Rei

Feeling this in my body – wonderfully anxiety provoking. Love your show! --Vicky

Love the Game of Life piece – it reduces sexuality to the physical parts, but in a profound way, reminding us of what our bodies are/look like, without associations. --Jane♥

Inspired and Inspiring show. Love when you get to see with eyes AND hands! ♥Tyler

Much food for thought and scope for the imagination. Beautiful, bold colours and images. Music definitely a large part of the experience. --Meredith Sbragia

Brilliant! And technique is equally amazing. --Susie

Hola! Soy de Colombia un hermoso y magico lugar! Tks. --Caro

Beautiful concept. I enjoy your sliding block puzzles with no solution. --Zak

Her skills of mixing colors are amazing! Big likes from me!! --Max

I made a boy holding a book! --Dennis

The titles move as well as the visuals. Visiting. So glad this was here.

Very moving, thoughtful and transformative. It needs to be a travelling exhibit. Thank you. --Laura

change/able: Value
34 canvases, each 6x6 inches. Can be arranged as two 17-canvas pieces or combined, as shown below.

change/able: The Instability of Memory
Oil on canvas. 16 canvases, each 10x10 inches. Shown here in detail (one tile) and in two different configurations.

change/able: Mayflies
9 canvases, each 4x4 inches. Detail of side view, bottom.


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